doctoral thesis
Identification and resolution of anomalies in process models using patterns

Tomislav Vidačić (2015)
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Fakultet organizacije i informatike Varaždin
TitlePrepoznavanje i rješavanje anomalija u modelima procesa uporabom uzoraka
AuthorTomislav Vidačić
Mentor(s)Vjeran Strahonja
Modeliranje procesa i metodološka istraživanja modeliranja funkcionalnosti (funkcija, procesa, aktivnosti, operacija, itd.) provode se od početaka razvoja i primjene računala. Pritom su predmet interesa metode i tehnike modeliranja, ali i anomalije modela te njihovo otkrivanje i otklanjanje. Suvremene servisno orijentirane arhitekture, razvoj vođen transformacijom modela i općenito težnja prema automatiziranom razvoju, daju novu važnost istraživanjima anomalija modela procesa i drugih modela funkcionalnosti. Rad se bavi istraživanjem anomalija u modelima procesa, njihovim osobinama, zajedničkim obilježjima, podjelom, metodama i metodikama prepoznavanja, te rješavanja uz primjenu uzoraka. Temeljni pristup otkrivanja i rješavanja anomalija u radu je formiranje taksonomije anomalija, te opis njihovih svojstava i uzoraka. Namjera je da se za svaku klasu anomalija odrede metode otkrivanja i rješavanja, s ciljem automatizacije prepoznavanja i rješavanja anomalija.
Keywordsprocess model anomalies BPMN patterns metamodel OCL pseudocode
Parallel title (English)Identification and resolution of anomalies in process models using patterns
Committee MembersNeven Vrček (committee chairperson)
Vesna Bosilj Vukšić (committee member)
Vjeran Strahonja (committee member)
Danijel Radošević (committee member)
Katarina Tomičić-Pupek (committee member)
GranterSveučilište u Zagrebu
Fakultet organizacije i informatike Varaždin
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineSOCIAL SCIENCES
Information and Communication Sciences
Information Systems and Information Science
Computer science and technology. Computing. Data processing
Study programme typeuniversity
Study levelpostgraduate
Study programmePostgraduate doctoral study in Information Science
Academic title
Genredoctoral thesis
Language Croatian
Defense date2015-06-17
Parallel abstract (English)
Anomalies in business process models represent situations in which there is a deviation from the rules of modeling and presentation models. Anomalies are departures from the expected or normal structure, behavior, functionality, performance and etc. Since anomalies have certain common properties and characteristics by which they can be grouped and classified, we can say that the anomalies are actually patterns that cause deviations from normal behavior model and need to be cleared. A model in which exists an anomaly is defective and requires additional intervention which corrects this model. Anomalies in the models of business processes can occur during: modeling, modify models and conversion models. Problems with anomalies especially come to the fore in the case of conversion models from one notation to another. In this case, different uses of specific notation usually dictate and emphasis details on individual elements of the model. For this reason, may cause loss of information during this transformation. This paper deals with anomalies in the models of business processes, their properties, characteristics and features, by developing their taxonomy, the ways of their recognition and ways of their solution. This paper presents an overview of anomalies, which are classified according to certain characteristics. For each anomaly is given a description and example. He also suggested a way to identify and solve, in the form of OCL rules or in pseudo-code. Finally worked out a proposal automation to identify and solve anomalies based on pattern recognition, and our model is tested on several examples.
Parallel keywords (Croatian)modeli procesa anomalije BPMN uzorci metamodel OCL pseudokod
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